Monthly Archives: February 2007

Interview Tips

This is not one of those lists of tips for the interviewee. This is for the folks on the other side – the interviewer.

Often times interviewers forget that, not everyone who is interviewing wants the job desperately. They forget that the interview goes both ways. You are evaluating the candidate based on the “facts” from a resume, while the candidate is evaluating your company. S/he is evaluating you, a potential team member, boss or boss’s boss. S/he is trying to put in context all the “glorious” attributes about your company (from your website) and the position. You are the company at this point.

So here are some things to keep in mind when you interview a potential hire

1. Remember, YOU are the face of the company.

2. Make the candidate feel welcome. You should sell the position, your group, and your company.

3. Be tough, but fair. You may be smarter than the candidate. But, that is no reason to make them feel stupid. Let them do that themselves.

4. Do not show anger or arrogance, no matter how stupid the question is. It may be a trick question. Remember, the candidate is evaluating you too.

May the better candidate get the job.