This is silly

Thanks to super developer Scott Hanselman picking up my previous blog post and linking it in his blog post I have been exposed, I mean, my blog post has been read many people. Everyone who read my post, I am sure, had an opinion. But only a few brave souls went through the hassle of creating a VOX account just to post a comment. Thank you guys.

VOX, this is silly.

Following is an excerpt from VOX’s help on posting comments

To comment on any item on Vox, you need to be a Vox member and signed in to your Vox account. If you’re not already a member but want to comment on an item, we make it easy for you to join as part of your first comment on Vox. Enter your name and email address along with your comment, and when you click the “Post” button, you’ll be taken to a short registration page with some of the fields already filled in for you.You’ll just need to enter a password and your birthday in order to get a confirmation code emailed to you. Then when you click on the confirmation link in your email, you’ll have your own Vox account, and you’ll see a screen that lets you know your comment has been posted along with a link to get back to the post where you left a comment. If you encounter any difficulties during registration, then take a look at Sign in or Registration Problems for suggestions.Let’s review that

1. To post a comment you need to join VOX. You need to make up with a password
2. Next you need to specify your birth date. I guess this is for legal purposes. But on the web nobody knows you are a dog.
3. Then you will be emailed a confirmation link to activate your account


Here is VOX’s explanation

Because Vox only allows other members to leave comments, it’s a safe environment that encourages trust and openness.

Safe? how? I just created an account with an email address, someone’s birth date. I am not sure if I can hand it out to folks who want to post comments.

Trust? Just because the commenter is a VOX member, how does that make him/her trustworthy?

Openness? What? You must be kidding. I don’t get it.

I am in the process of moving my blog from VOX. I am deciding between and Blogger. Check out and

 I have moved my blog from VOX to

And to the brave souls, thanks again.


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