So long, Business 2.0

The dot-com era gave raise to many excesses. It was during the height of the bubble that a magazine was launched. Business 2.0just could not print enough about all things dot-com. It started out as a monthly, grew in size, moved to fortnightly, grew more and it looked as if it was all set for a stellar ride. Soon after the bubble burst, Business 2.0 went back to being a monthly and later switched to only 11 issues annually. All the while the magazine kept getting thinner and thinner.

I kind of liked the new, slimmer version. The articles were bite sized and could be consumed in less than 10 minutes. Ideal for bathroom reading. Om Malik, a former senior writer, discovered early on the potential of blogging and fled to start his own blog. Something just did not seem right, Yet the magazine arrived month after month and I read it from cover to cover. After being a subscriber for so long I even wrote my first letter to the editor. I guess that nailed it. Last month, finally Business 2.0 gave up and announced that they are folding.

I am sad to see Business 2.0 go. I have read every issue cover to cover and just could not get enough of it. So long friend. You will be missed. Yet another casualty of the dot-com bubble.


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