A Christmas Gift – Its On

Thanks to Blogus Maximus (my friend, former colleague, Microsoft MVP, User Groups starter), I have had quite a few hits on my previous post requesting for ideas on setting up a fundraiser for sending a Christmas Gift to Nikhil Kothari for his work on Web Development Helper.

I have now setup a campaign on Fundable.com and its open to pledges. I have set a lofty goal of $2500 and you can see my first pledge already. I urge you to please make this fundraiser a success.

 If you are not familiar with how fundable works, here in a nutshell is what’s going to happen

1. You access my fundraiser here

2. As pledges roll in, we race toward the goal of $2500

3. If by the deadline, $2500 is raised, Fundable.com cuts a check to Nikhil Kothari. I don’t have Nikhil’s mailing address so I used Microsoft’s Redmond address. If you know his real address please let me know and I’ll update it.

4. If the deadline passes and $2500 is not raised, your credit card/pay-pal account is not charged

Fellow developers, lets roll.

Please make your pledges here


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