Keep it simple stoopid

Atlanta is feeling the effects of global warming! Last week was fantastic. Back to shorts. Upper 70s. This week its back to “normal”. Freezing. Last Friday was warm and we had the a/c turned on at work. The last guy out forgot about the temperature drop over the weekend.

Monday morning, the office is freezing. I walk over to M’s office

M: Its soooo cold in here

I: Yeah, I guess we need to bring in space heaters. Those things can be dangerous!!

M: I  got one @ home that switches itself off if it falls over

I: Cool! Does it have some kind of gyroscopic sensors?

M: Nooo…. there is this switch at the bottom….

Switch at the bottom. Here I am conjuring images of gyroscopic sensors and the simple solution is to just put a switch at the bottom!! Clever. No wonder they call it KISS.


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