Bangalore autorikshaw problem solved!

I read this post with a sense of deja vu. Now, deja vu  is not the right choice here. Deja vu means a sense of having experienced something when you haven’t actually experienced it. In this case, it actually happened to me too.

I was in Bangalore in May 2006 and wanted to go to M.G. Road from Sahakaranagar. Having missed the BTS, auto was the next choice. But no one wanted to go to M.G. Road. Oh, come on folks, M.G. Road is the “heart” of the city. After being refused/ignored by more than 10 I changed tactics. I started asking, in Microsoft style, Where do *you* want to go (today)? I wonder who these folks drive the autos for? No matter where you want to go, *they* don’t want to go there.

This is ridiculous. So here is a solution. Bangaloreans and most Indians have leap frogged and everyone has a cell, nee, mobile phone. Even the auto drivers have one. Hanging around their necks. Sometimes you feel like tightening it a bit when they refuse you a ride. What if we setup website (say or that can be updated via cell phones? (Maybe activeMobs will take up the project) You walk up to an auto. You say M.G Road. Driver shrugs. You fire up the app on your phone. Then ask the driver. Where do you want to go? He has to go somewhere. He says, Mekhri Circle. You enter the information and update the website. With enough refusals and enough updates we should be able to gather all possible places a given driver or majority of drivers from a location will go to. Once we have the info, the website can offer a new service. Enter the from and to and a set of possible hops, like directions from a map service, popup. Tie that to your schedule and plan your trip accordingly. Maybe you do in fact can finish up something at Mekhri Circle after all. Or you may want to check out the lecture at IISc on your way to M.G Road. What are you complaining about? Go do something good.

Sideeffect? CNR Rao can stop his call to Burn Bangalore. Crowdsourcing, opensourcing (as suggested by Ram Shriram ) as a way to help solve some real problems. 😉


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