Sponsor the 100th episode of Hanselminutes

After the spectacular flop of my first fundraising gig to try and raise money to send a Christmas Gift to Web Development Helper‘s creator Nikhil Kothari, I am baack. My initial pledge was returned and the drive closed by fundable.com because the goal was not met.

FULL DISCLOSURE: Neither Scott Hanselman nor Carl Franklin has officially endorsed this fundraiser.

Scott Hanselman is doing to .Net development what my idol Carl Sagan did to Science. Carl Sagan brought science to the masses and got the general public excited about science. Cosmos was a ground breaking tele-series. Through his weekly podcast, Scott along with Carl has done more to .Net and software development than any other MVP I know. Hanselminutes makes .Net development and software development exciting and Scott’s take on just about any software paradigm encourages the average .Net developer to jump out the well and venture beyond the norm and explore and learn. The language is so unbelievably simple you just don’t realize 20 minutes just went by. But time is relative. I once saw a poster that said “The length of a minute depends on which side of the bathroom door you are on!”. So true.

Episode 95 has just been posted and pretty soon Hanselminutes will reach the major milestone of 100. So fellow developers, lets band together and make this milestone an episode to remember. Hanselminutes is for us. Let’s make the 100th episode by us too. I don’t know the exact production costs of an episode of Hanselminutes, but adding up Scott’s time, Carl’s time, studio time, preparing the episode for download, bandwidth costs, I guess $5000 is a fair guesstimate. I have setup, yet another fundable.com fundraiser here. I figure we need just 1000 of us donating $5 to reach the goal.

I have put in an initial pledge of $20. This is how a fundable.com fundraiser works. The goal is $5000. We have 25 days to reach that goal. If by the end of 25 days, the goal is NOT reached, all pledges will be returned. In other words until we reach the goal no credit card or PayPal account will be charged. Once the goal is reached, fundable.com will cut a check and send it directly to

Pwop Productions, 302 State Street Suite 516, New London, CT 06320

Fellow .Netians and Hanselminutes fans, lets roll!

Click here to make a pledge.

Thanks in advance for your support.

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