A Super Flop on Super Tuesday

Today, February 5th 2008 is “Super Tuesday”. A day where more than 20 states vote in both the Republican and Democratic primaries to try and choose the next potential leader of the free world. February 4th 2008 11:59, well, almost Super Tuesday was the last day of my second fundraiser. After failing to elicit *any* interest for my first fundraiser, where I tried to raise money to send a Christmas gift to Nikhil Kothari, the creator of WebDevelopment Helper, I tried again. This time it was to sponsor the 100th episode of Hanselminutes, a weekly podcast hosted by super developer Scott Hanselman and Carl Franklin. Again, I falied. The fundable fundraiser had just 1 $20 pledge from, surprise, surprise, me.

Fundraising is not easy, especially if you are just another guy with a blog. (Note to self: Just because Scott Hanselman takes the trouble of posting a comment on your blog, you don’t become famous). What if I am a scamster? Who knows. Well, I tried. I failed. So where do we go from here? Setup another one? What? Are you nuts?

Anyways, thanks to everyone who visited my blog and checked out my appeal on Fundable.com.


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