Upgrading trial version of VS2008 to licensed version

If you participated in one of the Installfests organized across America by various .Net user groups you may have received a trial version of Visual Studio 2008. The trial expires in 20 days. As promised, Microsoft sent a licensed copy of VS2008 to everyone who attended the installfest. I got mine today.

You DO NOT need to uninstall the trial version and reinstall the licensed copy. You can easily “upgrade” the trial version to the licensed version.

I forgot to capture all the screen shots. I was able to get the first few, but I am missing the most important screen shot and because I have already upgraded my copy the said screen does not display.

To upgrade the trial version

1. Pop the DVD into the DVD drive and run setup.exe. You should see this screen


2. Select the first option

3. In the next screen choose to Repair/Reinstall VS2008

4. After some 71 files are unzipped you will see the screen I failed to capture

5. At the bottom of this important screen you will see the option “Upgrade Visual Studio” with text boxes to enter the license key. Select this option, enter the license key and click next

In about 10 minutes your trial version will be upgraded to a fully licensed copy of Visual Studio 2008. Close and reopen VS2008 and ensure that you are not prompted with the upgrade dialog


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