501Developer.net – An idea

I have been mulling over this and would like to elicit feedback before I go about setting up a website. There are two classes of 5:01 Developers. The first is a set of people who do not care about the craft and just bide their time and bolt out the door at the stroke of 5:01. This is NOT about them. The second is a class of software developers who really care about the craft but need to bolt out the door due to other commitments. If they had time, they would spend all their waking hours in bettering themselves.

And here is the idea. Setup a website on the lines of dotnetkicks (use kigg because it is an open source digg clone in C# – something I can enhance easily if need be). This new website (501Developer.net) will contain user submitted articles on how one can move beyond 5:01. How to make the max use of available time and better oneself and stay relevant. How to balance personal commitments and technical improvements and advance one’s career.

Finding time to read articles is hard for us 501Devs. But I am sure, like I have, you can find atleast 30 minutes to listen to podcasts. 501Developer.net will have audio of the top articles read by me. You can put up with my Indian accent and have fun. You can submit a reading of any article that may be of interest to a 501Dev.

Do we need yet another website? Do we need one more podcast? Well, that’s where you come in. Shoot down the idea for what it’s worth. Save me from going off and blowing $$$s setting up this website which nobody care about.

Feedback please! and TIA.


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