Stylecop, and VS2008 slowness

I was all excited to discover Stylecop, a tool that integrates with VS2005 and/or VS2008 and verifies that your C# code follows the style guidelines your team/project/company has established. It is similar to FxCop. Unfortunately it does not work with and despite the pronouncements from Microsoft, there is a step-child treatment meted to VB.Net. And the general perception is C# is a better, and programmers are inferior. This post is not about that.

Stylecop works great on your C# code and does not seem to affect the IDE in any way. However, when editing VB.Net source, the IDE is sluggish. It’s as if you are logged onto a remote machine on another continent.

Uninstalling Stylecop resolved the slugishness. Don’t understant why Stylecop which does not even understand VB.Net source should cause the IDE issues. Maybe it’s trying to figure out the code??


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