Atlanta Code Camp – March 2009

A HUGE thank you to everyone involved in putting together the fifth Atlanta Code Camp (March 14 2009). I attended a few useful sessions. Although I could not stay for the entire day, I gathered enough information that can be put to immediate use. Like tomorrow.

Having been involved, along with The Blogus Maximus (aka Chris Williams) and, Lou Vega, in putting together the very first code camp hosted by Greater Charleston .net User Group (GCNUG), I know what it takes to host such an event.

A huge shout out to Matt Ranlett (@mranlett), Brendon Schwartz (@brendonschwartz), The King of Linq (aka Jim Wooley) and others , for working tirelessly to make the code camp yet another memorable event. Thanks are also due to Glen Gordon, Developer Evangelist (Microsoft) for his continued support of all .Net user groups and their activities. Microsoft in Atlanta has been very supportive and has been lending their facilities in Alpharetta for user group activities.

I attended 3 sessions. Restful-WCF presented by James Ashley, and jQuery – A Match made in Heaven by Glen Gordon and Entity Framework by Sven Aelterman. Except for the Entity Framework session, I can put things I learnt at the other 2 sessions to immediate use. Beware, here I come with a set of new hammers.

The Georgia Gwinnett  College facility is great. And it is a new facility. The main auditorium where we had the welcome talk is well built. I don’t think every one was wearing a mic, but I could hear them all loud and clear. Good acoustics.

I do have a complaint, if you call that, regarding the code camp. 9 tracks, in my opinion, is too many. 6 would have been ideal. But with 9, a *LOT* of topics were covered. How about two code camps per year? Atlanta can handle that. Maybe my complaint should be about not being able to attend ALL the sessions. At  least the good ones. I had to give up one too many. Short of breaking Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, it is NOT possible to attend all the sessions you want to. That is sad. Well, there are the user group meetings. Some of the code camp sessions will be presented again at these meetings.

Overall, it was a short but fun day. Let’s do it again. And hats off to all of you who worked hard toward making the fifth code camp a great event. Thanks guys.


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