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Here we go again. Hopefully, third time is a charm or it could turn out to be a third strike. And I am out. After failing not once, but twice, I am going to try again. This time, it’s yet another favorite community leader, Jeff Atwood of Coding Horror fame. Jeff and Joel Spolsky, co-founded stackoverflow.com, a go-to site for anything and everything computer programming. They also record a weekly podcast which is nothing but conversations on IT and is hosted on IT Conversations by The Conversations Network.

On behalf of all the programmers who have benefited from stackoverflow.com, I am organizing a fundraiser to raise money to sponsor an episode of the stackoverflow podcast. I got in touch with the folks at The Conversations Network and gathered that it costs about $500 to host and produce one episode of the stackoverflow podcast.

Fellow developers, let’s come together and raise money to sponsor an episode. I suggest a donation of not more than $10. With 550 pledges, we will have enough to cover the cost of an episode after fundable.com has taken its cut.

Let’s do it. Click here to go to the fundraiser page.


kick it on DotNetKicks.com

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