myOpenId CallVerifID limitation

I like the two-factor authentication feature of myOpenID powered by CallVerifID. The two-factor authentication works like so. You determine that a website offers compelling features and are ready to authenticate yourself (think Provide your user id ( You will be redirected to You enter your password. And wait. Within 15 seconds your phone rings and only after you verify over the phone, will the authentication proceed to the next step. I use this to logon to my HealthVault.

Great! Has always worked like a charm for me. But…

This month I am in Bangalore. Although CallVerifID is available in 30 countries, it’s not available in India, yet. So, for the entire month of July, I can’t authenticate on any website that offers openID authentication. For HealthVault, I can use my Windows Live ID as a backup but I suspect that I have two accounts on HealthVault, one tied to my myOpenId ID and the other tied to the Windows Live one. I can’t disable CallVerifID on myOpenId because myOpenId uses CallVerifID to logon to my myOpenID account. For now dead in the water. I am not ready to give up on the CallVerifID feature. I like it. Very much. Just need to figure out a way to make it globally portable even if CallVerifID is not available in the country I travel to. I guess the one piece of critical link in the chain is the ability to receive a phone call.


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