Announcing (beta)

After working on it for about a week, I am announcing the open beta of a new website that lets you create Microsoft Tags of your twitter Id. Please check out

What is unique about

Well, you can certainly create all kinds of tags at Microsoft’s tag website, but you need to create a Windows Live account. If you would like to check out the power of Microsoft Tags, create a Windows Live account and play with it. But, if you are not too keen on creating a live account, will get the job done fast and easy. creates one type of tag. A tag that browses to your twitter page.


All feedback welcome.


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2 responses to “Announcing (beta)

  • Paul Lockwood

    Cool, I was not aware of Microsoft Tags. I wonder who’ll win the battle to be the defacto High Capacity Barcode?

    • Ramesh Sringeri

      This one looks like one of those sleeper tech where the winner will be decided by consumers. Ease of use is the key. Barcodes have a long history but Microsoft tags and similar tech have unique implementations. I have couple of ideas in the works just haven’t had a chance to execute.

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