This Developer’s Life – A quick review of the podcast

Being active on the twitterverse, I learned about Rebel (Rob) Conery’s This Developer’s Life, a brand new podcast almost as soon as it was launched. My expectations were very high. I highly respect Rob for all that he does, especially speaking out and, being opinionated. I had my own podcast which was inspired by the now off-air “The Brain Food Podcast” from NPR. Although my podcast content was not original, it still takes a lot to put one together. I listen to NPR’s This American Life and love the format and, of course who doesn’t love Ira Glass?

As I started to listen to the first story (Sara J Chipps) in the first episode, disappointment started to set it. The composition was so poor, the music fade ins and outs were so jarring, it was unbelievable. Story telling stopped at odd points, Rob’s voice came in. It was utter confusion. I did not expect this from Rob. I just couldn’t believe that Rob had done such a poor job. Without quality a podcast will die soon. Rob is a respected software developer and anything from him is guaranteed instant audience. I didn’t want the podcast to fail, because the idea is a great one. I wanted to stop and forget about the podcast.

I persisted. And, I was rewarded. By the time the second story was about a minute in, the quality had improved so greatly, I had to rewind and listen to the first story again just to be sure. I have not listened to the latest updates and cleanups. By the end of the second story, everything was different. The story cuts were apt, the background music just right and, Rob’s voice started to sound like Ira’s.

Starting with episode 2, one can be forgiven if they think This Developer’s Life was actually put together by NPR and Ira is actually voicing it. All the irritations of the first story in episode one are gone. The song selection is superb, greatly matches the story and the story telling stops are the right spot.

Rob, thanks for putting together such an excellent podcast. Love the idea and the stories you bring to life.

It’s only fitting that just like NPR is listener supported, we make This Developer’s Life listener supported too and send it our contributions. Who’s in?


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