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discountCalc – My first Windows Phone 7 App

discountCalc, my first Windows Phone 7 App has been published and is available in the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace. It is a very simple discount calculator but unlike typical discount calculators, discountCalc allows you to specify two discount amounts and computes the total discount. This is especially useful when shopping at the big box stores where they like to throw in a additional discount for that day. Say, you want to figure out the price of an item discounted at 50% with an additional 15% discount. Most people erroneously assume that they are getting a 65% (50 + 15) discount. Computing 15% of 50%, although not impossible, is not trivial. discountCalc takes any guess work away and makes figuring out the final price very easy. Just plug in the numbers and you get the answer. You can even play with the percentage numbers and discountCalc does on-the-fly computation. Here are  screen shots of the app.

 DiscountCalcScreenShot DiscountCalcScreenShot2

From idea to marketplace, developing for the Windows Phone 7 has been a breeze. Granted it is a very simple app, but I wanted to get the experience of inception to marketplace. Overall, I am extremely happy with the experience. I bought a Mac Mini to develop iPhone apps but never got enough hang of Objective-C to create an app. It’s not that Objective-C is hard but I found it difficult to find time to become knowledgeable enough to create an app. The fact that I use Silverlight in my day job helped me build this app quickly. Creating the art work and getting it just right too some time.

I would like to thank the following people for extending their help during the development of this app. Without these bright folks’ support I could not have published this app.

1. Dele – My cohort at work. Extremely fortunate to be working with such a talented individual. Having successfully published his app (Easy Diary), Dele, helped me get unstuck several times and offered invaluable review comments

2. Joel, Microsoft MVP (Mobile) – Without Joel lending me one of his several Windows Phone 7 devices I could not have tested my app on an actual device. Probably would have had to wing it and risk rejection. Testing on a device is invaluable and for this I am indebted to Joel.

3. Laurent Bugnion, Microsoft MVP (Silverlight) creator if MVVMLight, a Model-View-View-Model framework for WPF, Silverlight and Windows Phone 7 applications. Enjoyed working with MVVMLight. A big thank you to Laurent for trying to help me with what I assumed was a MVVMLight framework but. It actually turned out to be one of the Telerik DLLs.

If you have a Windows Phone 7, please check discountCalc out. All feedback welcome. Tags: ,