Introducing HealthCaddy–A Windows Phone 7 App

Do you track your blood glucose, blood pressure, heat rate and, weight readings as part of your health maintenance goals? Then HealthCaddy is your buddy. This Windows Phone 7 App helps you track these important health readings.

The main reading entry screen displays a quick snapshot of four most recent entries. Double-tap the graph to display a full-screen version of the graph which also allows you to view historical readings.

HealthCaddy uses the CTP version of Telerik Windows Phone 7 date and time picker controls. Data is stored to the phone’s isolated storage via the excellent Sterling database engine. And, like discountCalc, HealthCaddy also uses MVVMLight framework to achieve UI and business logic separation.

Here are a few screen shots of the app.




I had to cut out certain features of the app to hit the December 31st 2010 deadline. I intend to implement these ASAP. I am also awaiting the release of version 1 of Telerik controls and the Sterling database engine. These updates will be rolled into the next point release.

I have also setup a UserVoice forum to solicit feature suggestions for future implementations. Post your feature requests here and cast your votes.


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